So, what is it like
to worship with Presbyterians? 
Our worship flows through four movements each time we gather together:
First . . . . . We Gather in God’s Name
Second . . . We Share in the Word of God
Third . . . . .  We Respond to God’s Word
Fourth . . . .  We Go Out in God’s Name
In the Gathering:
we are declaring that we are a church-family joining together to learn from God.
In this section of worship:
We sing
We pray
We acknowledge mistakes
We hear that
God loves us
We greet one another
A good way to think of the Gathering is preparing yourself. Think of it like playing a game, and taking time to stretch before going out to the court or field. We understand that we all have busy lives and that it’s important to have time to put away all the distractions in God’s care. All together, about 20 min
In the Word
we turn our focus from ourselves to God’s Word from the Bible and how it applies to our lives. 
In this section of worship:
We hear the Bible.
We listen to music.
We listen to lessons.
Most weeks we hear passages from two different sections of the Bible so we might hear a variety of God’s Love & will for us.
There is also a special time for children to hear a message that speaks to them. Children have their own questions about faith and life and this is a time that they can share. 
This is about 20-30 min of the service total. 
In the Response
we shift to start applying to our lives the work that we heard in the Word. 
In this section of worship:
We share announcements.
We share prayer concerns.
We collect
gifts & tithes.
We share the
Lord’s Prayer.
This takes about 10 minutes of time, but sometimes can be longer for special announcements & functions. This is when in the service we tend to have baptisms, confirmations, welcome new members. 
In Going Out
we prepare to leave worship & return to our lives a bit more emboldened to be who God wishes us to be
In this section of worship:
We sing.
We receive a blessing.
We greet each other. 
This is the shortest section, but still very important. We try to leave on a positive note. 
Encouraging us to be Christ’s Hands & Feet to a world in need. 
Perhaps 10 min.