What is . . . Reformed Thought? 
Theology noun: the study of the nature of God and religious belief.


So, “theology” is just a way of thinking. 


Now, Presbyterians hold to a way of thinking called “Reformed Theology”. Reformed Theology is a general term for a way of thinking about the Triune God (Creator-Christ-Spirit), our individual’s spiritual life, and the life of the church. Reformed theology began in the early days of the Protestant Reformation.


Sometimes Reformed Theology is called Calvinism after one the most famous Reformers, John Calvin. But don’t think that Reformed Theology is old fashioned or only coming from one person. It is a way of thinking that is the child of many parents and has continued to develop over many years. A favorite phrase of Reformers is “Reformed, and always reforming.” This means we are constantly striving be better, closer, and more personal in our relationship to God and with each other.


The primary focus of Reformed theology is:

A) the Sovereignty of God

B) Salvation by Grace through Christ

C) the Value of Scripture (the Bible)